Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Wizarding World of Harry Potter
The best vacation ever!! We were there opening day 2010!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Apps review

I just purchased a translator app for my iPhone for $.99.  It is called Speech Translator.  I can testify that it actually works.  You are able to speak into your phone and it will actually translate and repeat what you said in the language of your choice.  The problem I have found with it is that it doesn't have the capability to go from Spanish (in Mexico) to English (US).  It only has the choice of Spanish (Americana Latina) to English (US).  For me, this kind of defeats the purpose of being able to take it on vacations. It did not translate my Spanish to the correct English.  Maybe I'm just really bad at speaking Spanish, or my Southern accent is incapable of being understood.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Free Kindle Books

Right now there are several free Kindle Books on Amazon.com.  You can link to

Free Mystery Books For Kindle: Linked List Of Over 400 Classic Crime And Detective eBooks For Kindle And iPad (Free Books For Kindle) [Kindle Edition].  The actual cost is $.99 for wireless delivery.

There are more Free Kindle books available on Amazon.com, but for some reason I am unable to post any other links.  But, if you Search amazon.com for "Free Kindle Books" you will find some. 



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Walgreen's 8/20/11

Today I SHOPPED, and boy did I ever SHOP!  . I had $25 in previously earned RR that were going to expire today, so I had to use them ASAP.  Combined Retail Value = $149.61. I think all in all, this cost me about $25.00 out of pocket. Here's how:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Victoria's Secret savings 8/9/11

I spent $40.00 + tax, but I saved $45.00 by using my VS Angel card + coupons.
  • (1) Body By Victoria Bra reg. $50.00 - $10.00 coupon = $40.00
  • (1) VS Cotton hiphugger reg. $7.50 - $7.50 coupon = FREE
  • (1) Incredible hiphugger reg. $12.50 - $12.50 coupon = FREE
  • (1) Pink travel size perfume (not trial size) 2.5 oz. reg. $15.00 sale $10.00 - $10.00 coupon picked up from register = FREE
  • Plus they gave me back a receipt with a survey worth $10 off a $50.00 purchase, and I still have another FREE incredible hiphugger coupon at home to use (remember how I said you can get double by using your husband's info too??).
  • REGULAR TOTAL = $85.00 + TAX
  • TOTAL SPENT $43.70 after tax.
  • TOTAL SAVINGS $45.00

Tax Free Weekend Belk Deals!

At Belk I spent $168.65, I saved $197.85. 
I always enjoy saving more than I spend!!!!! 

Tax Free Weekend Kohl's Deals!

This past weekend, August 6-7, was tax free weekend in Arkansas!  I made a trip to Kohl's (my fave), and Belk.  I checked out the clearance section first at Kohl's (always good!).  I did not have an extra coupon when I left home (like I usually do), but most of the time if you just ask if there is one, Kohl's will give you one.  I just had to ask and scored an extra 20% off everything.  One day the associate gave me the 30% off when I actually only had the 15% off just because I asked.  You have to word it just right like "You don't happen to have a 30% off in that stack somewhere do you?  I just have a 15% this time. " Hey, it works. Here's what I scored:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mystic Cavern Coupon

Rock Museum and Gift Shop

Plan on visiting Mystic Caverns near Harrison, AR??  We are heading out today.  Click here for $1.00 off each admission. This offer is good through December 2012.
Mystic Cavern

How Do You Save Money??

Every week I have people ask me "How do you do it?" Well, plain and simple here's how:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Walgreen's 8/6/11

COMBINED RETAIL TOTAL OF BOTH TRANSACTIONS: $184.49 FOR ONLY $64.19 (after coupons, RR, and mail- in rebates)

There was so much stuff that I bought today that I was too lazy to take it all out of the sacks to take the picture.  I had six sack fulls after two transactions.  One sack was a jumbo size one too.  Here are the details: