Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Wizarding World of Harry Potter
The best vacation ever!! We were there opening day 2010!


This page is dedicated to travel information. We usually go on one big trip during the summer and one smaller trip during Spring Break.  Throughout the year, we do many mini vacations or day trips. 

*Travel Tip*
Whatever cruise line you choose, be sure and sign up for their member's club. On Royal Caribbean it is the Crown Anchor Society, Holland America - Mariner Society. I'm not sure about Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Clubs. Most companies have them. If you stay loyal to a cruise company, you can accumulate cruise credits. These are good for getting free gifts such as coupon books, t-shirts, Holland America gives free tiles that can be used as coasters or trivets, you can earn invitations to special meals or parties on board, special seating at events and shows, and even earn free cruises or discounts.
Royal Caribbean also has a credit card that you can sign up for on board the ship or at their website. It gives you 10,000 bonus points just for signing up. That is enough for $100 off your cruise or excursions right from the start. We signed up for this while on board and got same day approval. Also, everything that we purchased on board the ship was charged to this card and we earned double points while cruising. Not a bad start.
Saving at Disney
The Disney Card is a credit card that gives you points that can be redeemed as Disney Dollars.  These can be used the same as cash in the theme parks.  For every dollar you spend, on the card, you receive 1 Disney Dollar. 

The best way to save at Disney is plan for your trip at least 2 years ahead.  Put all of the things you would buy anyway (gas, groceries, clothes) on the card.  Here is the trick:

Pay off the entire balance every month!!!!!

I do not recommend ever putting anything on a credit card that you cannot pay for in cash.  You can get yourself into major debt and credit card trouble that way.  Do not ever carry over a balance from month to month. 

We had around $300 to use after 2 years of doing this, and this paid for almost all of our food on the trip.